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Chemica has built a solid system in the research community to provide high level services to our customers. We are aware that our clients’ success depends on our ability to consistently deliver high quality, reliable services in a timely manner. We work hard to accommodate our customers’ schedules, whether the development timeframe is short-term (one-week) or long-term (over a year). We offer several distinct types of services: contract research, material engineering, custom synthesis and purification, and consultation services.



We have successfully developed technologies (membranes and adsorbents) for separation of small, inorganic molecules, precious and hazardous metals, and small to large organic molecules for both environmental and medical applications. Our goal is to develop technologies that provide fast and simple separation with high yield.

High purity synthesis of important research molecules.

We have developed numerous methodologies for the purification of important research materials, including proteins and organic toxins.

Our scientists have 50+ years of experience in the fields of biochemistry, biophysics, organic and inorganic chemistry and separation science. We are able to elucidate successful methods for our clients in areas of research design, methodology and analysis. We also provide the service by which we evaluate qualities of particular materials and products of customers.